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Discover E2 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils Complexes and Take Care Of The Air You Breathe!

IRIS Diffuser

Iris Diffuser by E2 Essential Elements

E2 Essential Oils diffuser with a patented design and unique capsule diffusion system.

Room Mists

Aromatherapy Room Mists by E2 Essential Elements

E2 Aromatherapy Room Mists with 21 to 47 Essential Oils 100% Pure & Natural.

Who We Are

Discover E2 Essential Elements products and principles

Discover E2 Essential Elements social and environmental responsible products and principles.

E2: Socially & Environmentally Responsible Products

In accordance with our ethical stance, no E2 Essential Elements products are tested on animals or contain chemical traces whatsoever.
All of them are made out of 100% pure and natural ingredients which are monitored and tested by Laboratoires Paris Elysees at each stage of the process, from the producer to consumer.

E2 Essential Elements North America products are 100% Natural.
E2 Essential Elements Aromatherapy Room Mists for the Familly
E2 Essential Elements Natural Products are certified by Ecocert GreenLife
E2 Essential Elements products have the organic approved by Ecocert Greenlife
and are therefore respectful towards the environment.

Ecocert GreenLife is a French organic certification body for sustainable development.

Ecocert imposes that a minimum of 95% of the total ingredients come from organic farming or are processed using organic ingredients according to specific standards (respect towards the environment).

No synthetic perfumes, colorants, parabens, silicon or glycol are used. Only certain synthetic ingredients that are not replaceable and cannot be found in nature are allowed.

The production process is as low polluting as possible and the packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable.


Discover E2 Essential Elements natural products with Essential Oils complexes.
E2 Essential Elements is a TradeMark from Les Laboratoires Paris Elysees.
Aromatherapy Room Mists , patented IRIS Diffuser and its easy-to-use refill capsules .


E2 Better Air Complex
47 Essential Oils

E2 Essential Elements Better Air Aromatherapy Room Myst (47 EO).

E2 Breathe Deep Complex
28 Essential Oils

E2 Essential Elements Breathe Deep Aromatherapy Room Myst (28 EO).

E2 Better Night Complex
21 Essential Oils

E2 Essential Elements Better Night Aromatherapy Room Myst (21 EO).


E2 IRIS Diffuser
Essential Oils Widespread

E2 Essential Elements IRIS Diffuser of Essential Oils Complexes.

E2 IRIS Capsules
Aroma Box, Essential Oils capsules trio for everiday situations …

E2 Essential Elements Aroma Box: Essential Oils Capsules Trio for everiday situation


The Laboratoires Paris Elysees strictly follows the international regulation system R.E.A.C.H. (registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of chemicals) and I.F.R.A. (International Fragrance Association) as well as all other European and international norms.

The Laboratoires Paris Elysees work exclusively with green raw material that are 100% natural and pure.

All of our ingredients are shipped to our laboratories in Grasse (France) for previous analysis to ensure quality standards (biochemical and botanical).
All E² products follow all requirements in terms of authorizations, allegations, traceability and are approved by external toxicology experts.
They are also entirely compliant with the new European regulation GLS/CLC (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) from June 1st 2015.

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